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April 27, 2015
by admin

Shadow Fight 2 Guide

Shadow Fight 2 is available in IOS as well as on the Android platform. As the name suggests, it is a fighting game with a few interesting RPG elements. You are a shadow ninja and you are going to battle with the opponent. The goal is simple; to fight with tons on ninjas, however, there are many obstacles in between. You will have to battle with demons, fighters, as well as the ninjas, and all of them are much more powerful than you. Here comes the shadow fight 2 hack part; you have to the topper; the top ninja alive in the shadow land. We’re sharing few tips, so that you could implement shadow fight 2 hack on your own.

Tweaking The Time

The energy points are the main elements of the game since you are going to use these points whenever you battle with your rivals. Each fight will take one energy point from you, and you just have 5 points with you, which means you have to buy the energy. However, you can watch the ads to earn more energy as well as to ignore the buying part. If you are not interested in both of the options, you have to wait for the next battle; the waiting time will be shown in the game. If you want to skip the time, you can change your phone time from the settings. This way, you can play simultaneously and the energy bar will not disturb you as the game will think that the time has passed.

The Punching Bag

Many people consider the punching bag feature as a pointless thing. However, it is best for practicing different moves as well as the attacks. This feature is available to help the player with executions and the timing. After practicing, you will be able to execute your moves perfectly. It is not easy to pull of your enemies; you always need to learn new attacks. Nevertheless, the new weapons would likewise be helpful in defeating your rivals.

Defeating the Opponent

You don’t have to bash the controller in order to win any fight. Follow a simple strategy; wait for the enemy to strike you and execute your attack which you have learned in the practice session. Apply different attacks, and pull off your rivals through the kicks. Keep in mind that kicks cannot do the real damage, those are just for backing them off. Punches are the best strike tools as they are capable of the actual harm. Just try implementing different sorts of attacks and you will be able to defeat every single opponent.

Getting Free Gems

A lot of people look for shadow fight 2 cheats, in order to get more gems; however, you can easily get more free gems by unlocking the achievement. Check out the achievement bar and understand how you are going to unlock them. You will get many rewards from unlocking these achievements.

Bottom Line

There are tons of fighting games available on both IOS and android platform, but playing a shadow fight game is completely a different experience.